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Making a Creative Space during a Pandemic!

After moving into our current house, we decided to make an office/playroom for our family. It quickly became a catchall for toys and electronics, and a schoolroom for my kids.

I completed my first novel "Lightscape" several years ago, and then moved on to other things. Besides being a writer, I'm the owner/teacher of a Dance Studio, and I homeschool my two children. Life is always very busy, and the thought of writing another novel was pushed aside.

Enter Covid-19.

Life as we knew it came to a screeching halt, and I suddenly had time to concentrate on goals and dreams I had previously neglected.

But if you have ever tried to do anything creative in a hot mess of a space, you know it's almost impossible.

So I quickly got to work making a space that would be inviting, and comfortable. I cleared the desk off and removed all the unnecessary electronics, to my husbands dismay. Then added some personal touches like a wax warmer, my favorite drink coaster, and some wall art to help get my creative juices flowing.

And just like that, my Creative Space was finished. Covid-19 2020 has ruined a lot of plans, and distanced us from friends and family, but it has also given me time to breathe, reflect and recenter. How about you? Any plans you've pushed aside? Maybe today is the perfect day to start again!

Much Love,

Emily K. Karlewicz

Author, Reader, Teacher and best of all Mom!

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